Silence as a Means to Be

Author: Sylvia Miàs

Being human is a mammoth task amongst so much noise.
I need silence.

Silence so as to feel and become aware.
To be aware of myself,
To be aware of myself,to play out thoughts as they truly are and not as gruelling realities,
feel free to allow them go at will, to savour or to enjoy.

Silence as an anchor,
a point of anchorage where words regain their true sense.

Silence so as to listen to one another,
to become closer,
explore and feel this dimension that bonds us more than any other.

Silence so as to be.
To have the chance to be who I really want to be.
To have the chance to say what I really want to say.
To have the chance to do what I really want to do.

Please allow silence.
I need silence
to live my life and bequeath; 
albeit never to live silenced.