In our world it is very difficult to be human; there is too much noise (outside before the onset of COVID, and now more than ever inside ourselves). This fact distracts us from the important things whilst time goes by undetected.

Then, one day, suddenly, everything comes to a standstill.

This is when the being gains relevance and we realize that we should have had the courage to live our own life from the depth of our beings, with serenity, intensely, with kindness; wishing we had not had to work so much and spent our time with our children when they were young, with our friends and loved ones ……

And we are left with the feeling that it is too late, that we have not allowed ourselves to be happy.

What if we refuse the pressure and allow ourselves that happiness? Here. Now. Listen to the silence, and begin to exist?

What if we build a new world far from this deceiving noise and closer to silence?

A new world born from being?

Would you be part of it?

If you would like UNESCO to declare The International Silence Day, click here: